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F# Pygmy Handpan - quality from Germany
The Pygmy scale is currently a very popular scale in the handpan world and more and more compositions are being made on it. The Pygmy scale is known for its deep, gentle and meditative sound, characterized by its minor tones. This makes the Pygmy scale ideal as an accompaniment to meditation or yoga classes.

The Opsilon Handpan is built by Rafael Sotomayor, an experienced musician and handpan builder. The Opsilon handpan is made by hand in Süßen.

The handpan is an F# Pygmy handpan with 16 tones.

Scale: (D3) (E3) F#3 G#3 A3 C#4 E4 F#4 G#4 A4 C#5 E5 F#5 G#5 (A4) (B4)

This handpan is in stock. Handpans that are in stock can be ordered without the usual waiting time of 2-3 months. The handpan will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

Furthermore, the Pygmy scale is extremely versatile:
Meditation and Relaxation: The deep, resonant tones of the Pygmy scale promote a calming atmosphere that is ideal for meditation sessions. The sounds can help calm the mind and achieve a meditative state.

Music Therapy: Due to its gentle and harmonious nature, the Pygmy Scale is often used in music therapy. It can help reduce stress, promote emotional balance and improve overall mental health.

Personal Musical Exploration: The Pygmy Scale's unique intervals and minor key provide an excellent opportunity for musicians to get creative and discover their own melodies and harmonies. It is ideal for improvised music.

Sound Healing: The vibrations and frequencies produced by Pygmy scale handpans are often used in the field of sound healing. The deep tones can help support physical and mental healing by positively influencing a person's energy field.

Atmospheric music for events: The mystical and profound timbre of the Pygmy scale makes it ideal for background music at events such as yoga classes, spiritual ceremonies or cultural gatherings.

Every Opsilon handpan stands for:

High quality
Professionally tuned
In addition, there are more from us

5 year guarantee (free tuning of the instrument)
Free shipping within the EU
Worldwide secure shipping
A hard case must be purchased for each handpan when shipping. This is not necessary when picking up, but is recommended if you don't already have one.

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